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Affiliate Programs – Will You Truly Be Paid?

Generally speaking, yes. Particularly, it depends on the program you are thinking about opting for. While scammers used to be in bloom a few years ago when these programs started to see the light of day, the majority of the mal-intended ones have been swept away. So you are less likely to come across someone trying to make you pay some money to register and give you the false promise of soon collecting your huge commissions. But the question that still lingers is “will these guys actually pay what they have promised, and how will they do it?”

Making The Best Choice

The secret to making a good deal is to take some time and study the background of the program you want to join; see what people on specialized forums have to say about it and do all the digging you can. It is best to opt for popular brands of casinos or financial services such as bank that are expanding their services with the help of these affiliate programs. Unless you come across a brand new product or service no one has heard of before and which you know is going to be a big hit, it is not that good of an idea to promote such a product via an affiliate program. People are more inserted in brands they are already familiar with, especially if they are well satisfied with using them.

Let’s Talk About A Practical Example

Let’s take the example of the Ladbrokes casino affiliate programme. Everybody knows the Ladbrokes gambling and gaming sites that have been around for years – the company itself was formed in 1886 when it started out as a small horse betting venue managed by two people.


Their Ladbrokes Casino, Ladbrokes, Vegas, Ladbrokes Poker and the rest of gambling-related sites count among some of the most successful and visited venues on the internet. Tens of thousands of people all over the world choose to play here every day, and they will represent just the right audience to address. The commissions you will receive every time your sub-affiliates will acquire a new player are worth 2 percent their net gaming revenue; so you have every reason to direct you attention toward these players first. Attracting brand new players interested in registering to the Ladbrokes Casino will bring you CPA, revshare, or hybrid commissions, which are a mix of the previous two. CPA deals will bring you a one-time payment for every depositing each of your referred players will make; revshare commissions refer to shares of the net revenue that will be generated over the entire lifetime of the referred player.

How Will I Receive My Commissions?

Fair and easy, thanks to the collection of trustworthy online payment alternatives currently available. Feel free to browse our site and learn all about them, especially if you need in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, or in Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Fiji, or Papua New GuineaT o name just a few of the problematic money transfer locations.

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