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Helpful Guide to Reading Your Credit Report

Reading your credit report

Your credit report contains information about your financial history including lines of credit and how you are settling them. It’s advisable to review your credit report at least once a year. This allows you to tell how you fair in the eyes of creditors. It also helps you to come up with ways to fix your report for the better.

That said, understanding the information contained in this report can be difficult, especially for first-timers. To ensure that you don’t miss a thing, here is a guide to reading your credit report.

Credit Report Breakdown

The format of these reports varies depending on the reporting bureau that you get the report from. The information is however similar and is broken down into several fields.

Subscriber or Personal Information- Consumer Demographics

Personal information includes any information that identifies you. Here, you will find your name, address, residence type, geographical code, social security number, current or former employers, date of birth and telephone numbers.

This field is used to identify you and does not in any way factor in your credit scoring. There could be variations in your name or addresses from different bureau which should not be a cause for concern. You should, however, make sure that each variation (if any) identifies to you and is not a case of identity fraud.

Credit Summary

This section contains your accounts and their balances. It’s a summary of bank accounts including current and delinquent accounts as they have been reported by creditors. This snapshot of your finances includes;

  • Mortgage accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Personal loans; car, student, and other loans apart from mortgages
  • Collection accounts
  • Any other accounts; lines of credit or trades

The accounts’ information captured in this section also touches on the total number of open and closed accounts. Inquiries made on your report for the last two years will also feature as part of the summary.

Credit summary also gives you a quick overview of monthly payments, balances and past due amounts. The summary will also contain any delinquencies which can be current or previous depending on what your creditor reported.

Account History

This forms the biggest chunk of your credit report. Each account is analyzed in the finest detail. This is where you need to concentrate on to weed out any inconsistencies. Each account is broken down into several fields;

  • Name of creditor
  • Account particulars (number, type, and ownership or responsibility)
  • The highest amount ever owed
  • Maximum credit approved
  • Balance owed
  • Past due amount
  • Monthly payment
  • Available revolving credit
  • Dates opened and date reported
  • Payment status

Account history also contains remarks to explain special conditions pertaining to the account. Remarks can also be from your creditors indicating delinquencies or simply the standing of the account- Open, Negative or Closed.

You may find some of the information contained in this section not to be up-to-date. This might include balances on credit cards or loans which you expect to be much lower. The reason behind this is that creditors might have reported the balances long before you had made your monthly installments.

Public Records

This is one section that should worry you if it’s highly populated. It contains information from public records pertaining to:

  • Bankruptcies
  • State and court judgments
  • Tax liens
  • Overdue spousal or child support- depends on specific state

Why should this worry you?

This information stays on your credit reports for 7-10 years. If your credit report is clear on this section then it’s advisable to ensure it stays that way!   

Credit Score

Some bureaus will also include your FICO credit scores on the report. This is a 3-figure scoring system that ranges from the lowest, 300 to the highest possible score of 850 points. It determines your creditworthiness in the eyes of creditors. It may also affect your chances of employment or even your rent terms.

Learn how Credit Absolute can help you increase your credit score.


This is a list of parties including institutions that have requested your credit report. Your report will include hard and soft inquiries: Hard inquiries are requests made by creditors after you have authorized them when applying for loans or credit cards. Soft inquiries are the ones made by creditors (without your knowledge) for promotional purposes.

The Take-Away

Credit reports can be difficult to read, leave alone understanding the entries. The above breakdown should guide you in identifying the important details contained in each section. Pro Tip: Be on the lookout for any inconsistencies that may point to errors originating from your creditors, the reporting bureau or as a result of fraud. Such errors could be lowering your credit score and should be disputed immediately.  

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Doug Donaldson
Doug Donaldson
06:13 21 Dec 19
I noticed a few changes on my credit report that had lowered my score which concerned me and after looking at reviews online I decided to set an appointment with Derek at Credit Absolute. I was fully expecting to spend hundreds of dollars for his advice on what I should do to get it back up to where I had it. After consulting with him and looking in depth at my report, he gave me some tips and helped me understand how the 3 bureaus work and what I could do to increase my score. Best of all..... he didn't charge me a penny. Derek is an honest guy, running an honest business, and if you are looking to build your credit score then he is the guy to turn to. It was about a year ago that I met with him and my score is up over 90 points. 10/10 would recommend Derek at Credit Absolute!
Ashley Krolak
Ashley Krolak
21:58 25 Nov 19
Thank you to entire team at Credit Absolute! We have accomplished so much in a short amount of time. They have helped my whole family increase our scores. They are organized, helpful and get the job done all while teaching you helpful hints along the way. I highly recommend this company for any credit needs.
dan uyematsud
dan uyematsud
21:29 13 Nov 19
Simply the BEST!!!!!!! Derick, Felicia and Becky are extremely good at their job. They work very hard to teach one how to improve their credit as they work very hard on their end to build your credit. I am very pleased as I see my credit score increasing in a short period of time. Thank you again, Dan U
nestor victore
nestor victore
22:14 04 Nov 19
You guys have done an amazing job, I'm very happy with my score has improved over 100 points. I'm happy with you guys services and help, thanks.
Tina Abbott
Tina Abbott
02:07 01 Nov 19
My experience with Credit Absolute has been nothing but wonderful! The entire staff are very knowledgeable and understanding. Felica is the one of the nicest people.
Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore
15:10 03 Oct 19
Communication with Derick and the team couldn't be better. I spoke directly to Derick and he was upfront, honest and didn't waste time. I would certainly recommend Credit Absolute to anyone who is looking into credit repair. They'll give you an honest overview of where you are and what they can do to help you reach your goals!
David Burgess
David Burgess
19:02 20 Aug 19
Derick and his team have been extremely helpful and informative throughout this entire process. I would recommend to anyone who wants/needs to repair credit quickly! Worth more than the money without question!
steve moore
steve moore
23:32 16 Aug 19
Derick and his team were awesome! I would highly recommend their services if you are looking to refurbish your credit score!!! +A all around for his team and the willingness to help me out !
Zacary Roberts
Zacary Roberts
03:00 26 Jul 19
Felicia helped me out so much, the company is professional l, but they treat you like your their only client. They are thorough and honest and my credit score has gone up remarkably ever since I started working with them. Thank you so much!
Chris Gunn
Chris Gunn
18:50 25 Jul 19
Good folks. Money well spent. Their service works! I finally got my credit straightened out to where I could buy a home because of them.
Christy Russell
Christy Russell
15:37 25 Jul 19
This company provides a great service! Friendly staff, plain-spoken, direct, no nonsense. They really make you feel like they care. Simple and straight-forward approach. They analyze your credit report and quickly make a plan to step-by-step repair any flags. I highly recommend their program.
Christian Wunder
Christian Wunder
19:35 18 Jul 19
They have been great to work with. Going on 3 months now and my score has taken a huge jump. I've had items removed from my credit and every month we go over our strategy to maximize the improvements. Highly recommend :)
Baron Adelmann
Baron Adelmann
21:59 26 Oct 17
Derick and his team have helped me tremendously! He explains the process of improving your credit and does all of the work for you! My credit score has improved drastically and I know that I couldn't have done it without the help of Credit Absolute. Because of them, my business has continued to thrive in a way I never thought possible. Thank you Derick and the Credit Absolute Team!
Gabriela Lovelace
Gabriela Lovelace
23:17 30 Jun 17
I want to thank the wonderful team of Credit Absolute for all the work they did in help me clean my credit! They have teach me how to keep my credit clean and how to make it grow! I will be their customer for life and I recommend to anyone who needs help with their credit! Credit Absolute you are awesome!!!!
Sho Sho Smith
Sho Sho Smith
22:31 16 Feb 17
Derek just made my day when I thought my credit was being compromised due to a balance on my late husband's credit card. He checked it out my credit health and assured me that I lost no points and the balance was forgiven. Great news! He gave me pointers on how to get my credit score even higher to put me into the premium level and coached me on getting back on my feet, credit-wise, after my husband's death. A great experience!
Vanity Hernandez
Vanity Hernandez
20:15 19 Jul 16
I was referred to Derick when my credit score dropped 3 points as I was in the process of trying to get a mortgage loan. Derick gave me GREAT advise and also helped confirm all the credit myths I have overheard on how to improve your credit score. Not only did he give me advise, he not once tried to have me hire him like others usually do. Derick was genuine and that's hard to come across with business. :)
Ian Farruggio
Ian Farruggio
19:29 05 Jul 16
Derek was completely professional and offered helpful suggestions to help me improve my credit. He was honest, in that his services were really not needed and helped to point me in the right direction free of charge. If you have any questions regarding your credit, this is the only place to go!!!
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