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We have put together the best tools and resources we can provide to help people with not so good credit or no credit at all. These tools will help you repair and build your credit so you can get the approvals you are looking for. Whether you are planning on buying a new home, purchasing a car or getting new lines of credit to finance a personal project or a vacation, these tools will help. Below you can see the details of all the tools we currently have available.

DIY Credit Repair Program

Credit Absolute has a new partnership that provides a $39.99 a month service that allows you to fix, repair and improve your credit. If you were not able to hire us for the heavy lifting due to personal, financial or other unforeseen hurdles, we can still be of help with your credit journey.

With this new program you can easily enroll and begin the credit repair process without spending hours studying your credit report, researching how to delete accounts and how to write dispute letters to the credit bureaus. The new program manages everything for you!

What to expect when you enroll

DIY Credit Building & Repair Articles

Video Coaching Library

Access over 30 credit education videos to learn the ins and outs of your credit profile and score. Our step-by-step Coaching Platform YouTube Channel is an open-source tool. Subscribe Below and click on Playlist to reach "Understanding Credit Scores" to get started with your credit education.

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