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Nathan and Debra talk about the accessibility of working with Credit Absolute to repair their credit.

They speak of the great customer service and honesty that they receive when talking to Derick and other members of Credit Absolute. You won't be in the dark when you're a customer because you can easily reach someone with questions or concerns.
Nathan and Debra

Mike Schwartz talks about how comfortable he is working with Credit Absolute.

Mike has worked with Derick at Credit Absolute for an extended period of time. He talks about how knowledgeable and experienced Derick is and how Credit Absolute helped him remove several foreclosures, among other items, from his credit report.
Mike Schwartz

Mike talks about working with Credit Absolute to improve your odds of being approved for a mortgage or loan.

Mike, who has been in the mortgage lending industry for about 17 years explains how your credit score can determine whether you will be approved for a home mortgage. He also talks about how Credit Absolute can help potential homeowners improve their credit and increase the likelihood of getting approved for a mortgage.

Credit Absolute offers me great customer service and consistent feedback

Joel Davidson discusses how he has used other credit repair companies in the past and but now prefers working with Credit Absolute because of their high quality customer service. He also discusses how many of his clients have been able to improve their credit score by working with Credit Absolute and have since been able to get approved for home loans.
Joel Davidson
Mortgage Banker

Credit Absolute has been a great mentor for me.

Mycal explains how he has been working with Derick at Credit Absolute for 5 years and how it has been a very educational experience. He talks about how Credit Absolute has helped him better understand his finances and improved their business credit.
Mycal Anders
Business Owner

They gave me the road map and I just had to follow it.

Darwin answers a question about what he found beneficial about working with Credit Absolute and how they compared to other companies. He mentions that he isn't a big fan of companies who charge a monthly fee and greatly preferred the "Pay for Performance" pricing structure offered by Credit Absolute's credit repair services.
Darwin Crawford

Chris Hilyer bought a new home with improved credit.

He availed lower interest rates and saved in monthly payments. Chris talks about how Credit Absolute helped him find discrepancies in his credit report that he was unaware of and how, after getting them removed, he was able to increase his credit and get a much lower interest rate. He also talks about how you don't have to have bad credit to improve your credit.
Chris Hilyer

Robert was referred to Credit Absolute and was seeking assistance with increasing my credit score.

He was aware of multiple inconsistencies and inaccuracies on his report, and needed help getting his credit cleaned up.
Robert Previte

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