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Results of Credit Repair

Results of Credit Repair

How We Get Results

Negative Credit Item Dispute DashboardCredit repair works by finding discrepancies, errors, or inaccurate information on a credit report and disputing the negative items. By having those negative items (e.g. late payments, collections, foreclosures) removed from the report due to the aforementioned issues, a person’s overall credit profile looks more creditworthy.

With a cleaner report, the credit bureaus assign a higher rating. This is how we’re able to help our clients rapidly increase their credit scores. Credit counseling and education is also a tool that we use to help our clients achieve a higher score.

Recent Credit Report Summaries

Each of our clients has access to a personal dashboard which includes a credit report summary. The summary shows your regularly updated credit scores from each of the top three credit bureaus. It will also display the difference in each score from when the credit repair first began – shown as the “Start Date” in the summary.

Below you can see real examples of our clients’ credit report summaries and the improvements they’ve made with their credit scores.

Reports Posted Prior to 11/22:

Reports Posted Prior to 10/22:

Reports Posted Prior to 06/22:

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