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We Turn Your Declined Credit Applications into Approvals

whether you are purchasing a home or overcoming divorce!

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Our credit experts will provide you with an in depth one on one credit audit to determine your exact credit needs. On average, we are improving credit scores as much 30 to 100 points in 30 to 90 days.

Purchase A Home

Owning a home is no longer a dream, but a reality. We will help you take the first step towards the comfort of home ownership in your new community.

Recover From Divorce

Overcome the damage and stress of divorce. We will help you take the first step towards a fresh start and a new life with great credit.

Credit Counseling & Credit Repair Services

Credit Absolute has a proven process for repairing bad credit. Whether you are looking for complete credit repair services or just credit counseling, we can help! Our credit repair services in Arizona are personalized to help you rebuild your credit.

Having better credit means more options and, when it comes to making big purchases in life, options are what you want. Many of our clients have seen results in as little as 30 days, making our credit repair service the fastest legal way to rebuild your credit score and help you get back on track with your finances.

Credit Absolute also provides a complimentary credit audit to review your options and explain how credit repair works.

Answers To Your Questions About Credit Repair

Popular Credit Repair Articles

If you have questions about credit repair in Arizona, how credit scores work or, perhaps, how your credit score is affecting your life, we’d be happy to take some time to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Here are some popular articles which discuss many frequently asked questions about credit scores, credit repair, and credit counseling:

Proven Results

You don’t have to live with bad credit scores, high interest rates, and limited options.

Your Credit Repair Team at Credit Absolute in Arizona are the credit repair experts and we are here to help you take control of your credit score and future. With our knowledge, experience and success system we will help you create a personal game plan to get you back on track!

We will get you results! Removing questionable, negative items from your credit report and helping you work toward achieving the credit score you need, is what makes THE ABSOLUTE DIFFERENCE.

Better Credit = Better Options

Credit Absolute is located in Scottsdale but services all of Phoenix, and the state of Arizona.

Credit Repair Testimonials

Credit Absolute offers me great customer service and consistent feedback

Joel Davidson discusses how he has used other credit repair companies in the past and but now prefers working with Credit Absolute because of their high quality customer service. He also discusses how many of his clients have been able to improve their credit score by working with Credit Absolute and have since been able to get approved for home loans.
Joel Davidson
Mortgage Banker
Baron Adelmann
Baron Adelmann
21:59 26 Oct 17
Derick and his team have helped me tremendously! He explains the process of improving your credit and does all of the work for you! My credit score has improved drastically and I know that I couldn't have done it without the help of Credit Absolute. Because of them, my business has continued to thrive in a way I never thought possible. Thank you Derick and the Credit Absolute Team!
Gabriela Lovelace
Gabriela Lovelace
23:17 30 Jun 17
I want to thank the wonderful team of Credit Absolute for all the work they did in help me clean my credit! They have teach me how to keep my credit clean and how to make it grow! I will be their customer for life and I recommend to anyone who needs help with their credit! Credit Absolute you are awesome!!!!
Sho Sho Smith
Sho Sho Smith
22:31 16 Feb 17
Derek just made my day when I thought my credit was being compromised due to a balance on my late husband's credit card. He checked it out my credit health and assured me that I lost no points and the balance was forgiven. Great news! He gave me pointers on how to get my credit score even higher to put me into the premium level and coached me on getting back on my feet, credit-wise, after my husband's death. A great experience!
Vanity Hernandez
Vanity Hernandez
20:15 19 Jul 16
I was referred to Derick when my credit score dropped 3 points as I was in the process of trying to get a mortgage loan. Derick gave me GREAT advise and also helped confirm all the credit myths I have overheard on how to improve your credit score. Not only did he give me advise, he not once tried to have me hire him like others usually do. Derick was genuine and that's hard to come across with business. 🙂
Ian Farruggio
Ian Farruggio
19:29 05 Jul 16
Derek was completely professional and offered helpful suggestions to help me improve my credit. He was honest, in that his services were really not needed and helped to point me in the right direction free of charge. If you have any questions regarding your credit, this is the only place to go!!!
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