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Personal Credit Dashboard

Personal Credit Dashboard

As a customer, you will have access to your own personal dashboard. This dashboard provides you access to your complete credit profile and allows you to track your credit repair progress. You will be able to view your credit reports from each of the top three credit bureaus which includes the current credit score from each.

Credit Repair Progress

Track the progress of your credit repair including all active disputes, negative item deletions, corrections, statistics, and more - giving you visibility of exactly what is going on with your credit profile so there are no surprises. As negative items are successfully disputed and removed from your credit report, they will be displayed within the dashboard. Changes to your credit scores due to deletions and other factors will also be listed.

Credit Resources & Educational Material

Within your personal credit dashboard you will also have access to our library of educational material and credit resources and tools. Watch our credit coaching videos for helpful tips and tricks that will help you maintain and improve your credit profile. Understanding how your credit score is calculated and the best practices for creating a "credit worthy" profile, is essential in your journey to a strong financial future. Additional tools and resources are also available through the dashboard to assist you in building up your credit score.

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