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Tips for Saving Money During Thanksgiving

Saving Money on Thanksgiving

Saving Money on ThanksgivingThanksgiving is a very important event for many families and friends. They get to host each other, spend some good times and share meals. However, if not kept in check, the cost of hosting the event can spiral to unimaginable heights and this may leave the hosts dealing with the effects of a budget gone wild. This doesn’t have to be the case; with a few doable tips, you can still host a terrific thanksgiving on a budget. Here are tips for saving money during thanksgiving.

Prepare a Budget

Budgeting helps you to capture everything that you need while also keeping your spending on a leash. Categorize and set aside the money that you are willing to spend on each item. Mostly, these will be food, entertainment, and decorations. To help you do this even better, confirm the number of guests that you will host and come up with a menu. This will not only help you make an accurate budget but will also ensure that you do not shop for more than you need.

Shop Smart

How, when, and where you buy supplies are great determinants of how much you spend during thanksgiving. Employing the following smart shopping tips can significantly help to reduce your cost.

  • Stock up on coupons from your local paper and other sites and use them to shop. This is even better when you already have your menu and so can focus on specific items.
  • Go shopping without kids; kids will not only add to the time spent shopping but may also compel you to buy things not in your budget.
  • Shop early when items are on sale and store or freeze them until when you need them.
  • Shop at discount stores.
  • Scrutinize prices to get the best deals.

Share Out Meal Responsibilities

Leaving one family to host and foot the cost of thanksgiving is outright unfair. Think of the financial pressure placed on such a family not to mention the cooking, decorating, and cleaning. What if you made it a potluck where everyone brings a meal? Mostly, family and friends are willing to help. Consider asking them to bring specific things such as dessert, side dishes, appetizers, and drinks to evenly distribute the food items among them.

Alternatively, you can prepare a list of items that you need them to bring and let them choose. This will not only cut down the cost of shopping but will also save on time and other cooking expenses. Additionally, everyone will feel that they have played a part.

Make Your Own Decorations

You don’t have to buy ready-made and expensive decorations for your home to look amazing; have some DIYs and save a few bucks in the process. For those that you may need to buy, consider getting them from a dollar shop. Some of the things that you can utilize are things like fall leaves and branches, pine cones, fruits that can be eaten later, floral arrangements, and candles among others.

Kids can come in handy in this department; keep them occupied by having them help with making the decorations. You can also reuse previous decorations or borrow from family and friends. Also, avoid over-decorating; a few well-placed decorations might be just what you need to transform your home into a thanksgiving mood.

Save on Wine and Alcoholic Drinks

Drinks can really increase the cost of shopping. Fortunately, you have several options that can help you cut down that cost;

  • Ask people to bring their own drinks.
  • Take advantage of bulk discounts on wine and drinks and shop beforehand especially when you are expecting many guests.
  • Opt for boxed wine instead of the bottled equivalent; a bottle of wine can go for about $12, while a box of wine that is equivalent to 4 bottles can cost $20 dollars.
  • Depending on the guests that you are expecting, you can also opt-out of serving wine and alcohol.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to break the bank to host a great thanksgiving. With proper planning, a little flexibility, and plenty of shopping tricks, you can host an amazing one and still remain afloat financially because as matter of fact, there is life after thanksgiving.

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