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Errors on Credit Report
Credit Score Discrepancy Financial advice

What Types of Errors Should People Look for on Their Credit Report?

It is common for consumers to discover inaccurate information listed on their credit reports. It is up to you to protect your credit score, so you can’t always assume that your credit report is accurate. You have to take initiative and regularly review your report because even the smallest of…
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Including Tax Debt in a Bankruptcy
Financial advice Taxes

Can You Include Tax Debt in a Bankruptcy?

Many Americans struggle with paying their federal taxes. Even though you know you have to pay taxes every year, you have found it impossible to do. You may hear people complain about student loans, credit cards, and rent or mortgage payments, but their tax debt can be just as much…
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Filing Taxes
Credit Score Financial advice Taxes

Can Tax Debt Damage Your Credit?

A good credit score can make life easier, so ensuring your decisions have a positive impact rather than a negative impact on your score is best. When it comes to your tax debt and how it can affect your credit score, it may not be clear if this type of…
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Increasing Your Credit Score
Credit Score Financial advice Identity Theft

Why is it Important to Monitor Your Credit?

A person’s credit scores greatly influence their ability to secure a home loan, rent an apartment, or open a credit card account. Yet, many consumers still fail to keep a watchful eye on their credit report. Checking up on their credit report may not be a priority, but considering the…
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IRS Installment & Credit Scores
Credit Score Financial advice Taxes

Do IRS Installment Agreements Affect Your Credit Score?

Paying your federal taxes when they become due isn’t always an option. When you have other debts to worry about and money is tight, you have to consider all of your options. An IRS installment agreement is a solution to this problem, but some people may be hesitant because they…
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Managing Your Finances - Investments vs Debt Payoff
Eliminate Debt Financial advice

What’s Better, Investing Your Money or Using it to Pay Off Debt Sooner?

Every day, people have to make decisions about their money. The choices they make have an impact on their financial health, so people have to be informed if they want to make the right decision. When presented with the choice to invest or pay off your debt, you need to…
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