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Credit Repair in Flagstaff

Credit Repair in Flagstaff

Don’t Let A Low Credit Score Get You Down

Is your credit score below 600? If so, you’ve probably already experienced the devastation that a low credit score can bring to your financial stability. It’s not enough that the banks are usually unwilling to lend to you but to make matters worse, any debts you do have are usually weighed down by an overly-inflated interest rate. A high interest rate means significantly higher payments which puts a heavy strain on your finances.

FlagstaffCredit RepairSay, for instance, you have $10,000 in credit card debt. With a good credit score your interest rate would be about 15% APR which would come out to $125/month in interest on that debt. Now, with a poor credit score your interest rate would likely jump up to about 28% adding more than $115/month in interest; that’s about $1400 a year that you’re losing with a low credit score.

The question, then, is how can you improve your credit score? Well, that’s where we come in. Credit Absolute can quickly increase your credit score while improving your credit history.

Credit Repair Services in Flagstaff, Arizona

Credit Absolute is Arizona’s top credit repair company and has helped thousands of families and individuals increase their credit score and improve their financial futures. Whether you’re trying to get a credit card approval so you can buy a new snowboard to take out on the Snowbowl in Flagstaff or you’re applying for a mortgage, we can help.

  • Increase Score by 40 to 100 Points
  • Remove Negative Credit Items – Foreclosures, Late Payments, etc.
  • Only Pay When Negative Items are Removed
  • Get Results Quickly – Usually Within 30 Days

We can quickly help increase your credit score by finding errors in your credit history and disputing any negative items with all three major credit bureaus. Once the negative item(s) is removed, your credit score will increase. This includes items like late payments, delinquent accounts, foreclosures and even bankruptcies.

Stop paying outrageous amounts of interest due to your low credit score. Once your credit is damaged, just being financially responsible isn’t enough to improve your score without waiting for years.

Improve your financial future with a higher credit score!

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