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Many people have been negatively affected by the crash of the economy over the past few years and are fed up with high interest rates and constant denial notices for credit applications. Low credit scores can be a daunting reality but fortunately they can be improved.

Credit Absolute has helped numerous individuals in Glendale, AZ increase their credit scores and repair bad credit quickly and effectively. Whether you’re trying to get approved for a mortgage or want to repair your credit to score a hot date on, Credit Absolute can help you repair your credit and increase your credit score.

Did You Know?

Credit scoring got a huge boost in 1995 when the U.S.’s two largest mortgage-finance agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, recommended lenders use FICO credit scores. Their recommendation carried enormous weight in the home loan industry.

There are many things that can affect, or may have already affected, your credit score. If you’ve had credit trouble in the past, you may be finding it extremely difficult to bounce back, even when you’re doing everything right. Sometimes it may seem impossible to improve your credit score when you have so much credit “baggage” from your past. Some of the common factors from your credit report that can affect your credit score are:

Factors that Affect Your Credit Score

It is important to understand what can affect your credit score and to learn ways to improve your score going forward. Want to clean up your credit history to improve your credit score quickly? Credit Absolute in Glendale, Arizona, can help repair your credit and significantly increase your credit score!

Been Told You Could Create A “New” Credit Identity?

A process known as “file segregation” is an illegal process that illegitimate credit repair companies may suggest as a way to create a new credit identity by applying for an Employer Identification Number to use instead of your Social Security Number. Again this is illegal and can result in fines and/or imprisonment and should be avoided.

Luckily there is no need to attempt to cheat the system as there are legal and effective ways to fix your credit.

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