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How Long It Takes

How Long It Takes

98% Proven Results

The Team at Credit Absolute, a Phoenix Credit Repair Company, has a proven track record of raising FICO Scores quickly and effectively giving clients more options in just a short period of time.

30 – 90 Days

Every client situation is different and unique but generally our clients see an increase in their credit score 40 – 100 points in just 30 – 90 days!

Repairing Credit Takes Time

Do you have some financial goals that you’d like to reach in the near future? Like buy a home, purchase a car, refinance some lingering debt…keep in mind that repairing credit does take some time. While we generally see an increase in our clients scores in just 30 – 90 days it is best to get started right away.

The sooner you start…the more options you will have. Better Credit = Better Options.

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