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What Credit Score Is Needed For A Home Loan?

The cost of the loan can depend greatly on your credit score and the skill of the realtor involved in your loan process.

What Is the minimum credit score needed for a home loan?

You will need a good credit score in order to qualify for a home loan and to get a good interest rate. Below are the minimums needed for a home loan:

1. 580 for FHA Loans
2. 640 for VA Loans
3. 680 for Other Loans

The average amount Credit Absolute has been able to raise customer’s credit scores up by in one month is about 100 points, which is usually enough to qualify most individuals for the car or home loan they needed.

The cost of getting your credit score raised by 100 points is far less than the cost of trying to get a home loan with bad credit.

Apply For Home Loan With A Great Realtor

Credit Absolute works to improve credit scores for home loans by working with one of the best realtors in the state of Arizona, for help with qualifying and getting the best rates on a new home, visit Pinnacle Capital Mortgage Corporation or call Korene Clopine-Seaman at (623) 340-0934

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Gary Palmer February 6, 2018 at 10:33 pm Reply

Hi there ; I started with CA Jan 2017 . I had a credit score in the low 500 . In April with the help of CA I bought a house with a 3.75 interest rate . Just one year later my score went up past the 700 mark , and bought a Mercedes Benz in Jan 2018 with a interest rate of 4.30 .
Thanks CA for all your hard work and getting me back into the game .

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Baron Adelmann
Baron Adelmann
21:59 26 Oct 17
Derick and his team have helped me tremendously! He explains the process of improving your credit and does all of the work for you! My credit score has improved drastically and I know that I couldn't have done it without the help of Credit Absolute. Because of them, my business has continued to thrive in a way I never thought possible. Thank you Derick and the Credit Absolute Team!
Gabriela Lovelace
Gabriela Lovelace
23:17 30 Jun 17
I want to thank the wonderful team of Credit Absolute for all the work they did in help me clean my credit! They have teach me how to keep my credit clean and how to make it grow! I will be their customer for life and I recommend to anyone who needs help with their credit! Credit Absolute you are awesome!!!!
Sho Sho Smith
Sho Sho Smith
22:31 16 Feb 17
Derek just made my day when I thought my credit was being compromised due to a balance on my late husband's credit card. He checked it out my credit health and assured me that I lost no points and the balance was forgiven. Great news! He gave me pointers on how to get my credit score even higher to put me into the premium level and coached me on getting back on my feet, credit-wise, after my husband's death. A great experience!
Vanity Hernandez
Vanity Hernandez
20:15 19 Jul 16
I was referred to Derick when my credit score dropped 3 points as I was in the process of trying to get a mortgage loan. Derick gave me GREAT advise and also helped confirm all the credit myths I have overheard on how to improve your credit score. Not only did he give me advise, he not once tried to have me hire him like others usually do. Derick was genuine and that's hard to come across with business. :)
Ian Farruggio
Ian Farruggio
19:29 05 Jul 16
Derek was completely professional and offered helpful suggestions to help me improve my credit. He was honest, in that his services were really not needed and helped to point me in the right direction free of charge. If you have any questions regarding your credit, this is the only place to go!!!
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Darwin C.
Darwin C.
2016-11-01 07:26:05
Working with these two has been a fantastic experience. No other way to put it. I'm trying to get all my scores up for an upcoming real estate purchase,...
Tiffany D.
Tiffany D.
2017-02-08 10:54:31
The value of hope and financial freedom is immeasurable, and that is exactly what Credit Absolute has given to me! I have been working with Derick Vogel &...
Henry C.
Henry C.
2017-04-20 11:18:40
I started working with the Credit Absolute team just over 60 days ago. My credit at that time was in the low 500s. Last week I called a mortgage lender to...